Other Services

Hire Torres Landscaping to maintain every aspect of your property. As a full-service maintenance and landscaping company, we are proud to offer a diverse array of services to help home owners and business owners upkeep their properties. When you need help with lighting, irrigation, or rain gutter cleaning in San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities, and the nearby communities, count on us.

Our crew provides a wide range of drainage services, of which gutter cleaning is just one. We understand that cleaning out the gutters can be an unpleasant task--and even dangerous, if heights are an issue for you. Give us a call when your gutters become clogged with dead leaves and debris and we will ensure water runs smoothly through them once more.

Other drainage services we offer include grading, French drain and dry well installation. Proper grading is essential to ensuring that water does not puddle around your landscape or pool by your building’s foundation. French drains and dry wells are two different features that help excessive water drain safely away from your property. Talk to our landscapers to find out what drainage services would be most beneficial for your home or business.

Enhance Your Lawn with Help From Our Experts

Keeping your yard healthy and beautiful takes more than just the occasional watering and weeding. If you are struggling to achieve the look you want with your lawn, talk to our experts for advice. Lawn aeration is one of our more popular services. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil so that the grass roots have better access to air, water, and nutrients. If the soil is too densely packed, the grass cannot thrive. Aeration is especially helpfully for lawns that see heavy foot traffic or have an excessive thatch problem. Find out if aeration is right for your lawn by giving us a call.

Need to establish a new lawn? We provide lawn seeding for those who prefer an all-natural approach, as well as sod and turf installation for anyone wishing for a faster process. Patch services are also available when you only have an issue with a small segment of your lawn.

Young Plant in the Soil

Many Other Yard and Landscape Services Available

Rely on our team for all of your maintenance and landscape needs. Whether you are a residential or a commercial client, we strive to exceed your expectations with our commitment to professionalism and the quality of our trusted products. We use organic products approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute. Reach out to us today to discuss the following services and many more:

  • Seasonal Yard Cleanups
  • Filter Fabric, Gravel, and Mulching
  • Seasonal Flowering
  • Weed Abatement
  • Wood Repairs
  • Tree Staking
  • Irrigation Controller Diagnostics and Installation
  • Lighting Transformer Diagnostics and Installation
  • Drip and Spray Irrigation Repairs and Conversions
  • Backflow Prevent Installations
  • Drain Grate Installations
  • Most Other Outdoor Improvement Projects

Contact us to schedule rain gutter cleaning or any other service for your home or business. We are based in Redwood City, California, and serve the San Francisco Peninsula and the surrounding Bay Area cities, including East Bay and South Bay.