Our Vision

At Torres Landscaping, we have a vision on how to change the perception of the landscaping and maintenance care industry with small, meaningful adjustments that benefit customers and employees alike. When we first entered this industry, we found that the field was lacking and behind the curve in several key areas. Our company aims to address these issues to not only make our business more successful, but also make life easier for both clients and employees. We believe that as this vision takes shape into reality, anyone in the industry looking to stay in business must adapt and commit to modernizing or be left behind.

Problems Within the Landscape and Maintenance Industry

During our research, we found that customers often discovered a language barrier when communicating with landscaping and maintenance care employees. This makes providing basic customer service difficult and causes even the simplest tasks to be more stressful. Furthermore, some clients disliked proposals being given verbally rather than in writing and were frustrated with a lack of open communication. Other complaints included no uniforms on employees, tools and vehicles that only half-worked, and few services available beyond basic mow and blow work.

On the employee side, we often heard concerns about the lack of benefits such as PTO and holiday pay, as well as poor wages. Employees were also fed up with being treated like mules and feeling as though they didn’t have a voice within the company.

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How We Are Changing the Industry

Landscaping and maintenance care are professional pursuits that deserve commitment and attention to details. To ensure both our clients and our employees are satisfied, we aim to reverse common issues within the industry and challenge other companies to do the same.

For instance, we make sure there is no language barrier between our customers and our employees and utilize modern conveniences such as email to maintain open communication about projects. All proposals, estimates, and so on are presented to clients in writing so that there is no confusion. Every employee is uniformed while on the job and the equipment we use is in perfect working order. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services to meet nearly every landscaping and maintenance care need.

Happy employees are better workers, so we provide our employees with competitive wages and benefits. In addition, everyone is treated as an important member of the team, so no one is lacking the respect and consideration they deserve.

Contact our landscaping and maintenance care company to learn more about our vision for improving the industry. We are based in Redwood City, California, and serve the San Francisco Peninsula and the surrounding Bay Area cities, including East Bay and South Bay.